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Welcome to the Regional Environmental Information Network (REIN)

About REIN

The Regional Environmental Information Network (REIN) is a virtual gathering place in the Portland / Vancouver region for information sharing and networking among the people, community groups, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that are working to protect, restore and monitor the region’s natural resources. Information collected via REIN enables Metro to track the region’s ecological health over time and encourages strategic coordination and collaboration.

REIN is brought to you by Metro's Nature in Neighborhoods initiative.

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REIN Statistics

  • Last Update: Thu. Mar. 03, 2016
  • Number of Projects: 1157
  • Number of Project Sites: 1325
  • Conservation Actions: 2545

What can you do from the

REIN Contact

Corie Harlan

600 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97232
Voice: 503-797-1764

What is a portal?

Conservation Registry users span the entire United States. To serve organizations that want data management tools at their fingertips, the Registry offers organizational portals. This dashboard view filters all data and functions to your projects. Browsing, searching or reporting—even additional data layers—can be customized to your specifications. To view your projects in context, the Registry home page is only a click away. for more information.